By Request: Lyrics to One Mistake

                                   One Mistake

Sitting on the stairs / Anchored to the cross I bare

It’s Killing me / that you’re right again

Clutching to my knees / while the sword of Damocles

Is Dangling / Right above my neck


How long / Do I have to pay for one mistake?

How long / Before the storm’ll break?

How long / is this road I have to hoe?

the shame and the blame have shrouded me head to toe

Patterns on the floor / Snakes hide in every pore

Sudden moves / always make me twitch

Feeling like the fatted goose / hoping to escape the noose

Miss Karma / She’s an ugly bitch


How long / Am I stuck in this prison cell?

How long / Do I have to live this private hell?

How Long / Till I’m finally out on parole?

Looks to me like another 30 days in the hole


Why do you make this so difficult?

I’ll take the punch but lets get on with the show

Can we just rewind to the way things once were?

Give me a rake and let me brush it over